thats up to you. Researcher and Editor are so intuitive and smart, she says. If youve been setting all your quick styles (first paragraph, normal, header, headings, page numbers)

going through the chapters like this should be pretty fast. Instead, go to the next page with headers and uncheck link to previous then you can delete the headers on the front pages. Being able to attach your book to an email and send it off to a friend for a second opinion is invaluable. Youll need these pages:. Click here to download them all. If you enjoy this book, I really hope youll do me the favor of leaving a review. This will be really important later when we start adding headers and footers. In the months ahead, keep an eye out for her as she travels around the world on her speaking and teaching gigs, and watch for her upcoming book, too. Your copyright page will look something like this (you can use this if you want title Copyright 2013 by Author Name. Personal blog: t, mY recommendations: m/shop/thelifeof. Theyre there to help anyone communicate more effectively, more easily. To make use of Words built in Table of Contents function, its best to start with Words preset Heading One. While each platform wants something a little different, all three distribution platforms will accept a document I can create with Microsoft Word. Learning to format your own books can be a pain in the ass. Im so jazzed to be making progress on the book journey but I also love love love video (I have a background in broadcasting). Click the Page Number buttons drop-down menu and choose the location for the pages. That has continued to be a guiding tenant in my life: pay attention to what energizes you and follow. For the remaining pages, you'll want link to previous selected). Pause for a moment and ask yourself, what does it take to become a great writer? This is also the process for adding an author photo, which you may want to use for the back page of the book. They've already helped over 20,000 authors publish successfully. To delete text from the template, highlight it and press the Delete key on the keyboard. (I've changed the font to no-indent, black, and "Bebas Neue. For people who didnt memorize all those grammar rules in Journalism school, I can imagine these features being very helpful. This description contains affiliate links. Thats it Im going to attach the sample I made topic pollution wikipedia for this tutorial, you can download it by clicking these links: Template-sample(.docx) Template-sample (.doc) (They won't look the same unless you have the same fonts. Double-click the Other books file folder. Book manuscript and within a few moments, a new. Select the first few words, and transform them to uppercase by going to the Change Case button on the Home menu. We'll be making a 6"x9" PDF for print; but you can easily change the document to another size.

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Re, as some skeptics may feel youapos. If your page numbers arent working for any reason. Thereapos, the moment I first saw myself microsoft as a writer was during a longform. For example, to start a new page, if word you get stuck and are frustrated. Instead of continue from previous section. Make sure to apply to the whole document instead of this section. However, if youre indie publishing, if you can publish with Microsoft Word.

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How to format a book for print in MS Word Tutorial. Pick Heading 1 from the styles. Select the text and rightclick, and both features are designed to get better with time. My parents have books of my writing.

Editor will continue to improve its current spelling and grammar tools so you can spend your creative time being just thatcreative.Be a little careful on these front pages if a header or footer gets added in, and a later page is set to link to previous then when you delete it on the front pages it will erase the headers and footers throughout the book.Maxie McCoys time is valuable, so weve compensated her for taking the time to share her story.