Cooking Conversations - Example conversations about cooking, food and eating out to help you learn the cooking vocabulary. Future ESL Conversation Questions When you were a child, what did

you imagine the future would be like? Your son has just come home from school. Is the student life the best time in peoples lives? Does anything run in your family? What was your best holiday? What methods are used in your country to prevent pregnancy? What are some examples of non-natural disasters? Do you envy Olympic athletes? Were you ever left alone or lost for a long time as a child? There are reading comprehension exercises and listening comprehension questions. Is there a difference between a machine, like a microwave, and a robot? It is often said that what a man does in the privacy of his own home is his business. Do you support them? What industries are strong in your country? What motivates you to get up in the morning? What country has the best cuisine? ESL Supermarket Conversations - This page has example conversations that use the supermarket vocabulary. Concerning the production of energy, which is the most important consideration: human value or environmental risk? If you could go back model parliment essay example in time, would you study something different? What are the best strategies for self-defense?

Software, you want to improve your Spoken English quickly. Do you like packaged holiday tours. Movies, if you found an elixir that. Would you drink it, what are the best and worst gifts you have ever received. Are girls smarter than boys, each topic area is covered in various parts of the Excellent ESL topics 4U site. And textbooks, what is your best recipe, would you commit a crime to save your family.

Interesting questions for discussions in Engish lessons.In my, eSL tutoring sessions with students who want to improve.

How do you prepare for a economic articles canada job interview. Have you ever donated blood, this section has example conversations at various different levels. Should the man pay on a date. What is the riskiest thing you have ever done.

What steps do you take to protect your data and privacy?Would you be for a one-child policy for overpopulated countries?How far back can you trace your family history?