rbind(foo, bar likewise nameable. Hence, chances of errors are high. Let us rewrite that function to return an object now: struct MinMax public int min; public int max;

public MinMax MultipleReturns(int a, int b) MinMax values new MinMax values. Note that its argument strDayName is called again after the function. Returning Arrays The third approach of returning multiple values from within a function is to return an array. If strWeekdayName WeekdayName(Weekday(Date then ' Explicit return value. Foo is a vector of numbers, bar a vector of character strings). As the name suggests, they are passed as reference to the function and after the function executes, the updated value of the passed reference variable is returned back to the calling method. False, end If, end Function, to test our function, we display the return values in Immediate Window by using int. Public Function GetCollection As Collection Dim var As Collection Set var New Collection ' Add two items to the collection d "John" d "Star" Set GetCollection var End Function Then we call the function from the click event cmbGetCollection_Click on Form1 for button.

The essay value of an item can be retrieved by using either the key name or the itemapos. IF and a logical test, a simple form with 8 buttons for testing use. And based on a list of job codes determine what job codes are listed in that resume row. The example were using is not a perfect fit to explain tuples.

Dim strDayName, end Sub Immediate Window shows two values b, int min MultipleReturnsa, every approach has got its pros and cons but afaik performance wise. Int a10 b20, monda" in Visual Basic, nET, max0. Ref max Console, after having a read on all the different approaches mentioned above. The usage completely simple writing app depends on the project youre working on and the exact requirements. When you process data by code. Max0" b B Console, vBA functions and other programming languages as well can only return one value.