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a handful you wouldn't want to be caught dead. Ruled by the enigmatic Lady of Pain. But because youll use fictional settings for the specific locations the main characters house, their favorite restaurant, and so on youll have the freedom to build your setting to meet the needs of the story, not the other way around. It was founded by medieval wizard Hengist of Woodcroft. In the modern era, the town is governed by criminal organizations, most of them descendants of both the Roarks and the original prostitutes, Basin City becoming a dangerous red-light district. In 1982, a border checkpoint opens in the center of the city, and it's the only pass to Arstotzka. Lord of the Rings or, alice in Wonderland, for example. Mythology edit Main article: List of mythological places Main article: List of Forgotten Realms cities Town Name Origin Notes Waterdeep Dungeons Dragons fictional city-state that forms part of a popular Dungeons Dragons fantasy role-playing game campaign setting called the Forgotten Realms. Literature edit Main article: List of fictional towns in literature Town Name Author Origin Notes Castle Rock article Stephen King various novels Castle Rock, Maine is part of Stephen King s fictional Maine topography and provides the setting for a number of his novels, novellas, and. Mos Eisley Star Wars 20th Century Fox Mos Eisley is a setting in the fictional Star Wars universe. The city is sometimes called the City of Emeralds due to its extensively green architecture. LaFitte, aka Gung-Ho on the television series.I. Series creator Joss Whedon conceived the town as a representation of a generic California city, as well as a narrative parody of the all-too-serene towns typical in traditional horror movies. In that way, the pages of a comic or your computer's monitor are about as close you want to get. Ember Jeanne DuPrau The City of Ember Ember is a fictional underground city, created by Jeanne DuPrau in a series of science fiction novels. While the exact location of the town is never given, some maps lead one to believe that it is located in north central Louisiana. Star City Green Arrow George Papp, Mort Weisinger DC comics Home of the fictional vigilantes Green Arrow and Black Canary. The town was founded by Jebediah Springfield. New City Alan Wake Los Santos Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Like its counterpart of Los Angeles, Los Santos comprises several diverse areas. Various episodes show every single sort of climate imaginable: mountains on one side, forest on another, desert on another, and an ocean shore on another. Pallet Town Pokémon Pallet Town Masara Town ) is a fictional town located in western region of Kanto in the Pokémon universe.

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Changing to address whatever an episodes plot calls for. And, your readers have all the information they need to picture the character in that setting. Gif" films, dC Comics, either choice could work, if your novel would work in a set a password on an article joomla 3.7 wellknown real setting. Brigadoon Alan Jay Lerner Brigadoon Brigadoon is a fictional Scottish town are celebrities good role models articles and is the main subject of the Broadway musical of the same name. An imaginary hotel in a real street.

Some novels use fictional settings and some use real ones.For some, real loca tions are essential a novel about a magician who plans to make the Eiffel.This is a list of fictional towns in literature.

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