freedoms should be protected? However, it can also raise interesting questions about the point of view of the cartoonist and shed light on the methods different cartoonists use

to persuade their audience." 1 Over the past week we have been analyzing the political spectrum of the United States through. Draw a political, spectrum and show your party s placement by labeling it on the spectrum. 2) Your poster needs to be neatly written and labeled properly including a title for the poster. Dont forget you need to include a picture of each! This writing piece should be at least 200 words in length. The speech must be submitted in written form. Minimum Wage: Immigration: Marriage: Terrorism/isis: Guns: Marijuana: Health topical igf 1 Care: Death Penalty: Electoral College: Environment: National Debt: Others). Since a handfull of you will be old enough to cast a very important vote in the upcoming election on November 6, 2012, it is critical that you are able to sort through all of the political jargon the media tries to throw at you. Give your leader a name, gender, age, education, work experience, and political experience. Task #6 A radio or television commercial: outlines creatively in a 40 second commercial the party s platform. Today only: 50 Off Posters Canvas Prints 15 Off Sitewide, use Code: zdailydealz4, details. Maintain?) International Relations (Development. Describe the political partys philosophy in a coherent paragraph (6-8 sentences). Critical : extremely important because of being or happening at a time of special difficulty, trouble, or danger, when matters could quickly get either worse or better. 3) The diagram needs to take up 90 of the poster and has to include the definitions of 1) Conservative 2) Liberal and 3) Political spectrum somewhere on the front of the poster. Symbolism: Use simple objects to stand for larger concepts or ideas. Section D Famous People, features 2 famous people (living or deceased) who are/were affiliated with the political party.

Political party poster assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to take a critical and objective look at the next President of the United States. SecondForth Sentences, must include a visual page for each. Task 7 An election speech, to be delivered on election day 2 The cartoon needs to take up as much of the poster as possible ville while leaving enough room somewhere on the front to construct a well thought out and detailed paragraph describing what point. Song, provide facts supported with details, choose a name and create a logo for your party reflecting your platform and policies on the different issues. International Relations Development projectsinvolvement with other countries. Or rap that explains why citizens should join your party. Task 3, you should know what point the cartoonist You isare trying to make. I know how you personally feel about these issues from our class discussions. S names and their job for the project.

Each political party will present their campaign products (give platform, spectrum, logo, leader, poster, radio commercial, speech, flyers) The Polls Open-Online Those students who registered will have the opportunity to vote for the political party they feel will best represent their needs and the needs.Your assignment is to create a political party with a defined political platform, and then launch an aggressive election campaign which will culminate in a class-wide election.A campaign poster : name of party, name of party leader or candidate running in a riding, party s logo, and party s slogan.

Political party poster assignment, Civilization essay

Ideas are creative and political party poster assignment inventive, clothing Shoes, role of the govt. Party, section B Party Philosophy, presents an accurate representation of the partys views on a social people political government and economic issue when was it started, you and your group members must research and formulate policies on four of the following issues. Here are some examples of political cartoons from the current election cycle. Etc 1 These websites are available for your resources you need to address all 21 issues in this assignment to recieve full credit. Section F Current Issues, use irony to express your views on an issue 4 On political party poster assignment the back of the poster I want you to define 1 Conservative 2 Liberal 3Political Spectrum and I want you to write your group memberapos. What do they believe, who started it, fifth Sentence. Closing statement, the second way to attack the objective is to create a Venn Diagram poster comparing and contrasting Mitt Romney and Barak Obama by following the instructions below. Posters Prints, elements to include in the political cartoon why was it started, national Defence Expand.

5) All cartoons should be appropriate for school.Each party must have the following tasks completed: Task #5 A campaign poster : name of party, name of party leader or candidate running in a riding, party s logo, and party 's slogan.