Freshman English.".3 (1973 1-2. "An Essay for Some Professors.".3 (1984 3-4,. Hackett, 1998) Padding in Conclusions "The most important thing to remember in ending themes is this: When you

have said all you intended to say, stop. "Id in the Classroom.".2 (1972. "A Probability Theory of mactaggart Communication and the Freshman Writer.".2: 12-15. "Confessions of a Conference Goer.".2 (1989 19-20. "Freshman English News Index.".3 (1991 29-37. "Taking a Backward Step: Reflecting on the Writing Process, Critical Thinking, and Other Pitfalls.".3 (1991 21-25. "On Teaching Composition.".2 (1983 14-15. "New Teachers and Staff Grading Sessions: Three Problems.".2 (1984 20-21. If it comes from you, thats fine. Avoiding profanity at all costs I admit it; this is a controversial one. "The Thematic Approach to Freshman Composition.".2 (1974. Looking through the eyes of an educator, I can see why telling students what to write about would be useful. "Imitatio Revived: A Curriculum Based upon Mimesis.".1 (1988 16-19.

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