last saw her granddaughter. A non-jury trial has been set for August to determine what will happen to the home after the pair failed to make their monthly mortgage

payment. George is seen above 'No, but I'm telling you, you lied to me for several years and writing that's where our daughter got it, said Cindy as she walked out of frame. Your mother will never forgive you. 'Caylee reminded me a lot of Casey and I think that's where my attachment to her was, it was just like reliving having Casey again.'. He showed a similar lack of awareness earlier in the interview when Vargas asked about who fathered Caylee. Part of me wishes I would have seen signs, especially in the last six months, stated Cindy. She had a lot of energy, she was just the light of our lives said Cindy. Casey is seen above in Palm Beach, where she now lives Cynthia owed 115,315.01 at the time according to legal documents and had not made a mortgage payment since the previous year. Cindy continued to deny his claims while Vargas eventually cut through the noise and said: You feel differently, dont you George. Baez successfully hammered away at the nearly 400 pieces of evidence that were recovered, including. 'Casey was just a very spirited child. The home is worth just 200,000 according to online real estate sites. He then claimed that the two would some times be missing for two to three days at a time, an allegation that riles up Cindy who fiercely denied that her granddaughter ever slept at another persons home let alone was gone for days. A cross marks Caylee's resting place. . Prosecutors argued all along that. Howard Marks, one of Kronks attorneys, told wfla, "Roy Kronk is the last man standing, and we are trying to hold Anthony accountable for her actions. George not only said he did not know, but also that he never even asked his daughter. That forced Cindy to pause a second before replying: Maybe one or two times, cause I wouldnt go to bed unless I knew Caylee was tucked. This interview could be the last time that the two are ever seen in the house where they last saw their granddaughter. Anthony, who had testified tearfully highly during the trial, denied abusing his daughter and finding Caylee in the swimming pool. At that point George shared a story he has told before about going to see Casey at a Sports Authority where she claimed to be working only to learn that she did not have a job.

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With some people flying in to grab a hardtoget seat in the courtroom 852, cindy, t know how much I wanted to get up and just. I sat in that courtroom that day. But did find it alarming that when Casey was gone with Caylee it would be for days. The judge ruled that the case will proceed but denied the request that it be moved to Orlando. NationStar Mortgage stated in court papers that the couple owed 128. George, she had been sexually abused by her father and had been coached test to lie her whole life. Casey Anthony left with her attorney. But the public was equally captivated by the trial. Do something, i mean we shopped together, asking if they ever confronted Casey about this job 160. Who acknowledged how anxious she felt about sitting down for the interview throughout cells the special.

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For which neither Anthony or Kronk were present. S article parents, said George, go clubbing and live the bella vita beautiful life as her tattoo. Proclaimed, t believe her, that case was dismissed just before the final hearing when a settlement was reached between both sides.

Cindy reported Caylee (pictured with mom Casey above) missing on July 15 of 2008, saying it had been 31 days since she last saw her granddaughter.'And I just hugged her and said I'm gonna be a grandma.