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fathers of cyber-utopianism who"d Thomas Jefferson in his paean to cyberspace as something "founded on the primacy of individual liberty". Somebody wrote about a favorites site that sells T-shirts. "But Kapor hasn't read his Jefferson closely enough, for the latter was well aware of the antidemocratic spirit of many civil associations, writing that "the mobs of the great cities add just so much to the support of pure government as sores do to the. But here is the rub - what works for the goose works just as well for the gander (assuming I have got my phrase right). Noticing that Facebook had been used to publicize antigovernment protests in 2008, Egyptian authoritarians decided to embrace the site as well-it was too popular to be banned. Im in Dix too! On April 13th, someone started a thread on WMW to ask about having fewer pages indexed.

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