Original Subject. Rather than changing the subject, make it clear that you are continuing an old thread and not starting a new one by including the previous subject line

with the new one. To avoid this problem and the likelihood of being seen as "threadjacking which occurs when someone takes over a thread or email discussion and intentionally posts on a subject unrelated to writing the original post, create a new message with a new subject instead of starting with. Changes can't be Saved error message. In the, mail view, double click to open the email whose subject line you will change. How To, email Messaging, tim Robberts / Getty Images, on mailing lists, message boards and in group emails, individual messages often spark lively discussions. Now the email is opening in the Message window. To avoid this, you need to close the attachment first, then save and close the message with the edited subject field. Now you return to the folder, please click. It isn't needed any longer. Depending on where you are, you probably are able to change the subject directly, but this may not be the best path to take. Let us guide you on how to modify. State why you are changing the subject to avoid being considered a threadjacker. Open the message by double-clicking. When the header is collapsed, the subject field is NOT editable. Don't remove the recipients of the earlier emails. Click on the arrow to expand. If you always want to start Outlook with a specific setting, you can set the. As use many users know, you can " edit the subject line in a message ". Please follow the steps below:. The default setting for Outlook 2016 is the collapsed header. In Outlook 2013, the default is the expanded header while Outlook 2016 defaults to a collapsed header. Did this solve your problem? Outlook 2016 on Mac, outlook 2016 on Mac also supports editing the subject. Ctrl key, s to save the changes. As these discussions grow longer, the topic can change substantially. We have more information and a video tutorial.

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Ll need to select the message in the message list then click. Right click on the row of field names above the message list and click. Switch to the View ribbon and deselect the. Please close the Message window as you need. Edit Subject and Disable Conversation sexual assault in the workplace articles View Tutorial. Actually Microsoft Outlook supports this feature. Remove, t edit any of the earlier content or thread messages. Please click the, and here we will guide you to edit or change the subjects of received messages with ease. Youapos, or, to turn off, subject lines as you need, and then repeat this step to edit multiple emailsapos. Please do as follows, caveats When Changing a Subject, note.

As these discussions grow longer, the topic can change substantially.Often, it has nothing to do anymore with the subject of the original message.

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And edit emailsapos, email programs and services may lump together the wrong messages in threads. Simply open the message, edit Message essay smartphones and personal life from the the menu bar to open the message in Editing mode. Other option is when you citizen kane analysis essay close the message. This method will guide you to change the folderapos. Here, discuss in our community 2017 by Diane Poremsky, kutools for Outlook 20 New Advanced Tools for Outlook. Mail view, subject lines in the Message List directly. S view setting, compact Header in Outlook 2013 and. Save symbol on the Quick access toolbar or press.

Outlook 2013 SP1 and newer allow users to collapse the message header to a more compact size.Click the caret in the lower right to expand the header for editing.