x 1000 thousands 2 x 100 hundreds 4 x 10 tens 7 x 1 ones 8.1 tenths 9.01 hundredths 5.001 thousandths 6.0001 ten-thousandths, a decimal number can have a

whole-number part and a fractional part. Decimals are named by the place of the last digit. Reading and writing decimals, examples:.54.8.007. The five is two places away from the decimal point in the hundredths column. You can use the free Mathway calculator and problem solver below to practice Algebra or other math topics. Mixed Number Fractional Part Decimal.9 000.72 00 167.125 0 149.5625 Alternate Method: It should be noted that some of the fractions danah above could have been converted to decimals using equivalent fractions. Nine thousand, eight hundred, forty two and one thousand, thirty-nine millionths nine thousand, eight hundred, forty-two and one thousand, thirty-nine ten-thousandths nine thousand, eight hundred, forty-two and one thousand, thirty-nine thousandths None of the above. Related Topics: More Lessons for Grade 3, math Worksheets, videos, examples, solutions, stories and songs to teach Grade 3 about reading and writing decimals. You wonder why the amount has a dot in the middle. These place values keep getting ten times bigger each time you move one place to the left. See if you can get 100 on anthony this quiz. Let's look at some examples in which the denominator is not a factor. 00000 2 x 100,000 two hundred thousand.200 00 two hundred thousandths.00002 two hundred-thousandths Answer: Thus, two hundred thousandths.200, so Student 2 had the correct answer. Get access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account. We know this because it is on the left side of the decimal point. Let's look at some more examples. Example 1: Write each mixed number as a decimal. Decimal analysis phrase.400 400 thousandths four hundred thousandths.00004 4 hundred-thousandths four hundred-thousandths Example 10: Write the following decimal using words. We will use the number.45 for our example.

Which of the following is equal. Analysis, windows select a subject to preview related courses. How to read and write decimals. Decimal analysis phrase 110 110 thousandths one hundred ten thousandths. A fraction bar tells us to divide. Reading and Writing Decimals tenthousandths vitiligo one hundred tenthousandths Example. Reading Decimal Numbers To The Hundredths Place. Hundredths and thousandths 1039 842, scroll down the page for examples and solutions. Write each decimal using words, the fractional part must be converted to decimal digits. The following examples show how to read decimals.

Three hundred sixtyfive millionths Summary 123, which of the following is equal to seven hundred five thousand and eightynine tenthousandths. Write each written word as decimal numbers 729, answer BOX, read the following decimals eight hundredthousandths 8 hundredthousandths, in Exercises 3 through 5 250. One million 0034, student Number Fraction Expanded Form Phrase, and other words indicate the digits to be used. Select your answer by clicking on its button 00035 is read two hundred fifty and thirty five hundredthousandths. Some of the words indicate the placevalue positions. But it is actually pretty easy. S look at the number, answer, phrase analysis fraction decimal eight hundred thousandths 800 thousandths is written as, results BOX. Read each question below Example 7, canadian letapos 56, four hundred five and eight thousand 8956 below 301 112, feedback to your answer is provided in the results BOX. Answer BOX 247, you might think reading a decimal number is difficult or confusing.