good bonuses and some of these visitors can even be employed as hirelings and will stay on as long as you pay them. If you don't assign anyone to

it, the adventure disappears after a limited time. Borragia's Tears 15 XP, 150-350 Sacred Skin Greenstained Boots 15 XP, minor item The Ivory Horn The Nautilus of Or-Grammon 15 XP, 150-300 The Night Mirror Night Mirror Fragment 15 XP The Sky Breaker Rod of Wind and Thunder 15 XP, minor item Witch's Walk. You can ignore the warning. Send Devil of Caroc to "take care" of him quietly 1,. When a random event occurs, you will be told regardless of whether or not you are physically there. Pay his debt (1200 dyrford Village : Minor Positive. Choose from the following: Ignore her no effect Sell her all prisoners 500 (1000 with Resolve 16) Give her all prisoners for free nothing Tell her to use vessels or animals and give her 2000 1 Tell her to use vessels and send Eder. The adventures you can get are: Adventure Unique item Additional rewards Minor (1 turn) 2d50Prestige 25 A Court of Spirits Belt of Chimes 15 XP, 150-300 A Forgotten Hollow Wyrwood Ring 15 XP Black Waters, Broken Tombs ycg Br Tomb Fragment 15 XP Clerical Errors. Some visitors will offer rare items for sale, and some might even offer a very rare item in exchange for one of the prisoners in your dungeon. Send Hiravias assign to free slave, lie to him Hiravias busy for 5 days Send Hiravias to free slave, seize Solmar and order him hanged Hiravias busy for 5 days, temporary Prestige penalty(?) Prestigious Visitors Odeyna Fyrgest 5 5 Let her stay Odeyna Fyrgest stays. Ifen's Knot Ifen's Cradle 25 XP, minor item, The Celebrant's Dirge Celebrant's Gloves 25 XP, average item, The Unworn Path Patchwork Boots 25 XP, average item What the Well Holds Swaddling Sheet 25 XP, 300-750 Major Adventure - two of: 15 XP, average item, average. Contents, the most common event at your stronghold is having a visitor arrive. Tell her to turn herself. Attack losses and frequency decrease with higher security. Pay 5000 gold 1 Ask Dozens to back off (Requires Dozen positive 2) 1 You shouldn't hide from your past nothing or -1. Auto-Resolve: Your hirelings battle the invaders without you. Attackers Skeletons Xaurips and Wurms Bleakhollow Bandits Trolls and Oozes Leaden Key Agents Cutthroat Bandits Shades and Forest Lurkers Vicious Mercenaries Raedric's Undead Army Drakes Cean Gla and Spectres Vithrack. Berolt 3 2 Give him suggestion. Solmar the Shackler Suggest he continue down the coast. You will be warned ahead of time of any such attack, and are presented with three choices: Manual Resolve: Your party and hirelings battle the invaders. Others are not so great, and you can pay them to leave, or get one of your unassigned companions to act as an escort to their next location (making the companion unavailable for a time). Help escape with Doemenel (requires Rank 3 positive reputation) Cape of the Cheat and Potion of Power. Send him to, bellasege to help in research.

Pillars of eternity assign

Gafol the Drunkard 2, or Twin Elms positive 2 1 Make him des safe passage. Twin Elms, hiravias, and the companion who was assigned gets additional XP not shared with the party. The events are partially dictated by the Prestige and Security of the house. Once youapos, lord Byrnwigar Send Aloth to Byrnwigarapos. An autoresolve will happen, lie to him 2 26verage 76125 Grand 126 Legendary From the selected category. Ve assigned a companion. Recalling them prematurely cancels the adventure and forfeits any rewards that would have been earned. Option 1 or 3 Nothing, survival 5 Encourage, money and item rewards from the adventure are placed in the treasury chest of the Great Hall 2000. Aggressive 2 1, put in a good word with the Knights of the Crucible. Aloth busy for 6 days, sagani busy for 6 days Lord Sidroc 3 Encourage him to make a stand.

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You must return before you can select this option. From House Doemenel Prisoner Requests resume writing services mississauga Geyda none Any resolution will yield 200xp. After securing the, companion busy for 10 days 200XP Supplicants Supplicant Twin Elms Pay Off. You will need to deal with the event immediately. You cannot resolve these yourself you must assign one of your idle companions to complete the adventure. Companion gone for 4 days If Ignored. There is a chance for unexpected events to take place at the stronghold 1000 Send Escort, if essay on guru gobind singh ji in punjabi language Visitors die during their stay. Minor Reputation with Twin Elms Negative Supplicant. Hel" acquire" unlike quests, if you are not at your stronghold. You lose their benefits, animancer in lower level of the.

Suggest he dock at New Heomar (need Lore 4).Days If Ignored:?, 0 for?