somebody, be that a friend, a partner, or someone youre related. Dont Give Up A winner is just a loser who tried on more time. Have that version

of yourself as your lifes vision, and never stop chasing. Hopefully, they are your answers too. You may have a large circle of social contacts consisting of friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, but in need it is your mother or father, brothers or sisters who race to help you out. It has nothing to do with other people, so carry your own weight. Whether we fight with low self-esteem, depression, or fear of the unknown, getting to know the essence that is our soul is the most powerful weapon we can acquire. Dont Be a Victim BUT Instead be a Hero in Your Life Psychologically speaking, playing the role of victim is a sign of repressed anger. The following are the things I spend most of my time on, and the reasons why I spend it that way. Having someone by your side, someone who understands your vision and loves you enough to push you forward when all you want to do is go back to safety, thats what makes you a winner. Instead of blaming others for your own failures, take responsibility for your actions. This unconditional love is received daily when you are part of a supportive family, so respect their individuality and try to show your love more often in return. Its definitely not money or status, so what is it? When you learn to appreciate what you have, youll always have more. To sum up, I would like to refresh memory about an old wisdom saying that blood is thicker than water. Ive seen more relationships crumble and families fall apart from chasing wealth than from living in poverty. Health, the.1 most important thing in your life is good health. This doesnt mean that we are mercantile beings, nor that human relationships lack warmth and selflessness. Because the way I see it, our answers are probably the same.

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Be wise and listen, but, if you really want what is the most important thing that good writing does to make a change in this world. Then you are truly a lucky individual. This is your happiness, melody Beattie Doesnt that answer your question. Where everythings snuggly and safe, not once have I been tempted to let it all go and retreat back to my little comfort zone. When common folk says that money cant buy you happiness. You need to start with yourself. But there are people who downplay what is the most important thing that good writing does the significance of family.

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It helps you feel more grateful for what you have. Today you loose, always Make Time for Gratitude Once youve discovered the fournisseur hero within you and did your best to reach the unreachable. Which is yet another kind of happy.

If you dont have anything else to give them, give them a smile.So, what do you regard as important in life?It is a sum of everything youve red, experienced, accomplished, and learned, a total of your talents and skills.