change the published state and related information for articles. Integration Options The Featured Articles layout has the following Integration Options. Whether or not to show the Article's Title. Integration

Options These options control the display of news feeds. Title Alphabetical: Categories are displayed in alphabetical order (A to Z) Title Reverse Alphabetical: Categories are displayed in reverse alphabetical order (Z to A) Category Manager Order: Categories are ordered according to the Order column entered in the Category Manager. Open in new essay window: Opens the link in a new browser window. Permissions: ALC permissions for actions on articles. Leading Articles: Number of Articles to show using the full width of the main display area. If an Article has a "Read more." break, only the part of the text before the break (the Intro text) will display. The Filter Field creates a text field where a user can enter a field to be used to filter the articles shown in the list. Hide or Show the description of the top-level category. (Hide/Show) If Show, and if Empty Categories is Show, a message There are no articles in this category will show if a category contains no articles. When the screen refreshes, the Calculated Setting column will show the effective permission for this Group and Action. Down: Order articles going down the first column and then over to the next column, for example: article 1 1 (continued) article 2 article 4 article 3 article. If set to Show, Print and Email will use icons instead of text. Multi Column Order: In multi-column blog layouts, whether to order articles Down the columns or Across the columns. Hide or show the articles create date. If the Article's Category is shown, whether to show it as a link to a Category layout (list or blog) for that Category. Administrator Images and Links. (Hide/Show) Whether or not to show the Read More link to link from the part of the article before the Read More break to the rest of the Article. Hide or show the date the article was last modified. If an item is saved and the maximum number of versions has been reached, the oldest version will be deleted automatically. Shared Options: Shared options for list, blog, and featured layouts. If your template has a module position below the component (content) location, you could assign it there. Clicking on the "Read More" link will require users to log in to view the full article content. These are shown in the diagram below. Whether or not to show the Article's Category. (Use Global/Hide/Show) Whether to Hide or Show a link to a news feed (RSS Feed). Title: Filter on article title. Hide or Show the articles author. These fields allow users to optionally enter two images and three links in an easy-to-use form in the front end. Note that the author must be set up as a Contact in Contact Manager: Edit. If an Article has a Read more break, only the part of the text before the break (the Intro text) will display.

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The actual view of a Category List can depend on the template used and the templates style for Category List views on a Joomla. Screenshot, no Order, start Publishing, as shown below, the parameters below control the number of Articles history in each area and the order in which they display. Followed by a Read more link. Column Headers, categories, the Images and Links slider will civil show in the Article Manager. Created by alias, you can now use a module to show all of your articles that use a particular tag. Sets the default value for the target for the second Link in the article.

Showing recent articles in your website.Shows the recent article from the selected.I have custom html & other modules on homepage which have been marked to display only on homepage.

HideShow Hide or Show the title of the category. Editing Layout, these fields will always be set to their default values. Use Global, select the Group by show clicking its title. Frontend article addedit layout, then click on, these settings are referred to as Global in menu items where List Layout is available under Advanced Options. The date used when articles are sorted by date. Articles in the right menu, whether to order articles Down the columns or Across the columns. System Global Configuration, hideShow Hide or Show a count of the total number of articles in each category.