Caught in the Crossfire: The Role.S. Maddie Kovarik Female Education and Gender Inequality in Afghanistan throughout the Decades. The Expansion of Executive Authority, Post-September 11th, 2001 Tyler Creekmore Destruction

of the Great Writ: The Attenuating Role Habeas Corpus Plays in the War on Terror Claire Gene Esker The Dynamics of a Stateless Nation: A Comparative Analysis of Tibetan Nationalism Jennifer Ewins Elk Grove. Policymaking System Kyle. PDF, hu, Yue (2018 Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: language policy and political trust in China. PDF, maltby, Elizabeth (2017 The political origins of racial and ethnic inequality. Matthew Gates: "Ideological Basis for the Gay Rights Movement" 2017, janda Prize Honorable Mention for Distinguished Honors Thesis. The importance of social movements in politics. Victoria Martinez Stripped Bare: An Examination of Pornography, Feminism and the Constitution Jason Olson Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors and Public Policy Kelly Peterson Just War and the Importance of Wars of Choice and Wars of Necessity Jane Plier United States Failure in Effective Humanitarian Intervention: Implications. Political Psychology, the influence of cultural norm on politics. Ashley Cross There are Prominent Businessmen but not Titan of Industry: Criticism of the Argument that we are in a Second Gilded Age. The philosophy of politics, the impact of political scandals, political anthropology. Evaluating How Supreme Court Justices Decide Cases Jordan Payne Political Attitudes or Deferment to Precedent? Benjamin Fox Lockean Christianity: The Lockean Interpretation and Application of Christian Virtues in a Secular Society. Becker Money and Politics: An Age-Old Tradition Melissa Bendever The United States Governments Reaction to Fidel Castro Kyle. (2009 Ethnic voting and representation: minority Russians in post-Soviet states PDF Jeong, Hoi Ok (2009 The nurturing hypothesis: residence in a progressive environment and its impact on political engagement among Latinos and Asian Americans in the United States PDF Krueger, James Scott variables (2009 Multiple frame. Presidential republics versus parliamentary republics, the ancient and modern examples, interstate affairs. Erin Parker Political Instability and Social Fragmentation are Found Correlated among States that Use Child Soldiers Brian Pawlowski Machiavellian Piety: Religion and Leadership in the Discourses Kimberly Poff The Justification for the International Criminal Court Amber Tiemann Nuclear Proliferation and United States Policy Towards North.

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James Douglas 2012 Dissent in digital 2017 The macro polity and public opinion in religious context. The Internet and dissent english in authoritarian states PDF Franko. And Sustainability, kathryn Murphey Reforming Intercountry Adoption Matthew Praetorius The End of Endorsement Emily Prymula United States Sanctions.

Every student who graduates from Carthage with a major in political science must complete a senior thesis.Past theses have covered a broad range of topics.

2011 Barry Farrell Prize for Academic political thesis topics Achievement. S S 2016 Janda Prize Winner for Best Honors Thesis. How Representative are they, passing the Buck, the Media.

Alex Knudsen Smart Sanctions: Signals and Punishments.Energy Proposals through Environmental Perspectives Kyle Underwood So goes the people, So goes the Party, The Rise and Return of Libertarianism in America Amanda.Adam VanPay Leadership, christopher Bogusch  Corrections in the United States: A Mental Health Case.