police but faces opposition from internal investigator Malcolm Fox. Then one fall evening in 2001, I was at home in bed reading a Norwegian crime novel that was so

bad I threw the book against the wall. Håkan Nesser, set in the fictitious European city of Maardam, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is a detective in the classic mould; gruff, intolerant of bureaucracy and with a strong sense of justice. Journalist and novelist, Mari Jungsteds novels star Detective Superintendent Anders Knutas and journalist Johan Berg. The Kurt Wallander detective series opened the floodgates and let in the great wave of crime novels from Northern lands. Thousands have campaigned for his return, with some even setting up online 'pressure groups' such as Bring Back Rebus and We Want More Rebus to lobby Mr Rankin in to reconsidering. A lot of people ask if I am Wisting, but it would almost be bragging to say that because it is all his good qualities that are highlighted, says Horst. Last appearance: The 17th and last Rebus novel was published in 2007. He is not the oft-seen ravaged, bitter type with an alcohol problem. Well-drawn, conflicted characters and a cracking pace are her trademark. Karin Alvtegen, dark, suspenseful and psychologically driven novels are the home turf for Swedish author Alvtegan. Bleak landscapes, bizarre, often gory murders and morose, dysfunctional detectives are dominant themes in Scandinavian crime fiction. One fan said: 'Another Edinburgh writer of fame Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also grew tired of his character and attempted to finish him scandinavian crime writers off. It was also adapted in to hit television series Rebus, initially starring John Hannah in the title role and more recently Ken Stott. These police procedurals are skilfully plotted, with well-drawn characters and plausible scenarios. I had a story idea that was good for him and it has been 25 years since the first one. Inspector Rebus first appeared in Knots And Crosses in 1987, and became famed for his hard-drinking and sometimes dysfunctional behaviour. 'Rebus had never really gone away but was working for Edinburgh's cold case team.'. She has been compared to UK author Ruth Rendell and is the grand-niece of Pippi Longstocking author Astrid Lindgren. Camilla Läckberg, set in the small fishing community of Fjällbacka, Läckbergs novels feature police detective Patrik Hedstrom. The writers den at the Police University College is a way for him to keep in touch with his old career. 'We hope Mr Rankin will also heed his many thousands of readers and give them what they want.'. But beyond the stereotype, Scandinavian crime is also known for its strong plotlines replete with social commentary, and complex, well-drawn characters. It was not an easy decision. Jo Nesbø, detective Harry Hole is a conflicted, alcoholic detective frequently veering towards the wrong side of the law. With a previous career as a civil engineer, Icelandic author Yrsa Sigurardóttir has two mystery novels under her belt. After spending almost 20 scandinavian crime writers years as a police inspector, he has been a full-time author for just a year and a half. Eight further books about Wisting have followed, with more expected. Set on the island of Gotland, these titles convincingly portray a police investigation while also giving a credible slice of life look at the lives of the central characters. These titles have a contemporary setting, tight plots and fast pacing. There was huge public outcry and Sherlock Holmes went on to solve many more cases. His crime series about Inspector William Wisting has nine parts so far. The opening episode of The Killing's first series on BBC4 attracted 393,000 viewers in January last year, but 815,000 tuned in to watch the start of the second series in November.

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